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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  August 1, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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>> a show of support so strong that the food ran out. out chick-fil-a fans are fuelling the gay marriage debate and where critics showed they were sick to their stomachs >> oakland police accused wasting millions of taxpayer dollars. where that money went and how many officer jobs could have been saved. >> bad enough that a religious symbol was stolen from the bay area church but was more troubling was what was right across the street from the crime. >> today was dubbed chick-fil-a appreciation day. supporters were encouraged to patronize the company which is under fire for its ceo stands on gay marriage. there is only one in the bay area in fairfield but to mark our opening soon in san jose and walnut creek.
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business has never been better. >> the chick-fil-a in fairfield was supposed to close at 10:00 tonight but instead they're shutting down four hours early because they have run out of food. >> i believe that marriage should be between a man and woman >> a fast food chain at the center of a national debate over same-sex marriage >> we wanted to support them and their conservative values and eat some good chicken >> for conservatives, it has become a light unlikely rallying point. these long lines from fairfield to high what to tennessee are all attributes to the chick-fil- a president dan kathy who came out last week as an opponent of same-sex marriage. we are very much support of the family, he said, the biblical definition of the family unit. mayor ed lee vowed to keep chick-fil-a out of san francisco
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>> i am one for freedom of expression and people can say what they want but it seems like they have gone out of their way to challenge people that they unnecessarily did not need to do that >> in fairfield one same-sex marriage supporter watch from a distance in discussed >> i just wish it was not so hateful. i think it is disturbing someone can say hateful things against the community >> all the sandwiches are sold out >> it made me want to cry >> there were attempts at counter protest. about one dozen people showed up to support same-sex marriage at this future site in san jose >> same-sex marriage supporters are not finished yet. they're planning a series of so-called kiss in its own at chick-fil-a locations all over the country. in fairfield, cbs five. >> we have developing news out of southern california.
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a smoky wild fire that has destroyed at least one home is now 50 percent contained. several other homes are still threatened. it is called the volcano fire and it has burned about 400 a. in riverside county. brush clearing equipment that caused a spark. full containment is expected tomorrow morning. parishioners in the south they want to know who sold a statue from their church but what is even more puzzling to them is where the crime happened, right next to a police department. >> for 15 years, she knelt in her green dress and rosary, a statue of st. bernadette listening to all who came to pray. >> over here is where it was bolted down >> she was stolen sometime overnight last thursday from the
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church in campbell. the thief unbolted the 3 ft. tall $10,000 porcelain statue and carried it off. one person could do it alone but they likely had helped >> it is not only a house of god but it belongs to the communities of stealing from the community and god, it is unthinkable >> the campbell police department is directly across the street. pretty gutsy? >> yes and no, there is a lot of traffic going back and forth >> that night officers were busy with a fatal accident on the other side of town. there are no witnesses suspects or leads >> we're hoping the person who stole a will find it in their conscious to bring it back to the church and replace it undamaged and get it back to its rightful owner >> parishioners are doing their best to turn the other cheek and move on >> is between him and god so if
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we get the statue back, he >> i hope this incident is may be some kind of catalyst to having him closer to god >> back here live at the campbell police department, this is where they parked squad cars about 100 yds away from the crime scene. the church says they just want the statue back with no questions asked and if they get it back they will very likely not press any charges. >> police and teresa another neighborhood after another deadly eruption of gang violence. police think that three murders could be tied to one visitation valley base to gain. police think the gang members are actually turning on their own.
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>> a hard bitten streets of the housing projects are no strangers to gang violence but this new generation of the down below crew are of different. >> extremely aggressive, very methodical, these guys are not afraid to stick around and make sure they finish someone off >> they shoot, they get out and walk up to the victim and finish him off >> correct or they walked up to him to begin with >> at the center of the violence is the down below crew. the first target was apparently a suspected snitch who might have been ready to testify. there was a drive-by so his folks today retaliation, how many shootings have there been since then? >> we have at least a dozen. there are not always shootings were people are hit >> now the cops are out in force patrolling the streets by day and night. they're picking up gang members
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left and right >> basically we target the entire gain this, all of the members. it is almost like a cease-fire >> how many have you brought in? >> dozens. we're hitting them with everything >> in the meantime, the violence continues to take its toll not only on the victims but even in the youngest in the neighborhood >> the thing that concerns us most is that it really does, when kids see some much violence, they begin to think it is normal. >> police tell us that some of the victims and the shooters are actually the sons and nephews of old gang members. >> an elderly woman who was beaten and sexually assaulted in richmond months ago has died. police say the 82 year-old woman passed away in hospital yesterday from her injuries. back in january a manager at a
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big o tire store counter beast behind the shop bloodied bruised and unconscious. she never regained consciousness. police have no leads in the case. >> a man who police say was hauling a small arsenal in his car near golden gate park is behind bars tonight. police arrested robert johns last month after they spotted a shotguns and sitting on his front seat. they say he they searched his car and found another gun, a rifle scope and ammunition. neighbors say he was living in the car and harassing people. >> i never talked to him or anything, i just kept my distance and there are some money ball tile people, you just don't know and i felt that was one of them >> police say he was also carrying knives, survival gear and a methamphetamine cookbook >> it has been a bad couple of
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days for the oakland police department. first we heard why they could be closer to a federal takeover and now, there is word the department wasted millions of dollars. >> we did not set out to squander $2 million. my job is to make sure it does not happen again. >> the same day it was made public the oakland police chief was ready to answer charges his department mismanaged nearly $2 million >> i don't take that lightly, that is about 20 more cops >> the city auditor found a police department made bad purchases, buying technology that was never used or underuse that was not suitable for the job and in three cases, the company went under so the city had no way to recoup losses >> how you explain that to the taxpayer? >> police officers are not really that technical >> the chief took issue with
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criticism of the shot spotter system that helped police identify where guns are fired. jordan said in one year registered nearly 3000 alerts but it did not work as planned for years. it took a modification to make it effective. >> it is not acceptable as an auditor or in the eyes of the public >> among the recommendations, make a long-term plan and get guarantees from vendors >> it is not about whether to implement 22 recommendations. what is at risk is public safety >> the oakland police department will hire an i 80 director and an occasional consultant to help them make better purchases. >> election day is a little more than three months away and president obama is leading likely challenger mitt romney in three key swing states. a new poll shows president
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obama leading in pennsylvania by 11 points. in ohio, he is ahead 50-44%, 6 percentage points also separate the candidates florida. >> an airline offer that is out of this world. what a passenger has to do to get a free trip to our space. >> you have heard of airports trying to lure you to flights, wait until you hear how san jose is enlisting passengers >> where school
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>> priority check-in, free carry on, complementary upgrades, some of the perks of being a frequent flier. now you can add to that list, a free trip to outer space. >> virgin america says this is all an effort to bring back glamour and excitement to traveling. we're used to hearing about perks that come in the form of free flights but virgin america is offering a free trip that is truly out of this world. it is safe to say that christina is a loyal customer when it comes to flying. she is on a virgin america flight at least twice a month and it was not a surprise to see the airline was adding a few benefits. but a trip to space? would you
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do? >> in a heartbeat. i would be first in line >> it's like winning the golden ticket >> she says the suborbital trip is part of the elevate frequent flier program which also includes a more down-to-earth perks. >> you'll be able to go quickly through the safety and security checkpoints >> only instead of collecting miles, virgin america passengers collected points based on the amount of money they spend. the person who earns the most amount of points will earn a free seat on virgin galactic spliced into outer space >> i hear that since you are above gravity will not waive everything >> being completely outside of earth, however space blows my mind >> and scott thinks the
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incentive sounds a little bit spacey and would prefer a free trip a little closer to home >> that would buy me a lot of seats on virgin domestic, how about that? >> just one seat on board virgin galactic cost about $200,000 and there are only six seats available. this is only for one very lucky customer. as for when the flight will launch, the date is still pending but they said they are in the final stages of testing. >> in this atmosphere, san jose airport is trying to bring in more flights but it needs help. the airport's recent renovation cost more than $1 billion. the airport is trying to get business soaring again. >> the runways at san jose international airport are not nearly as busy as they used to
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be with passenger counts down more than 20 percent since the peak in 2007. so the airport is doing all it can to boost service and even trying to enlist passengers all over the terminals, with electronic displays urging people to drive less and fly more. the airport wants you to let the airlines know you want more flights in san jose. >> a lot of people are being forced to drive up 101 to get to the destination of the what >> she says there ford officials don't mean to campaign as any kind of swipe at sfo >> it is more of relating to the customer, we know what you're going through and we know you have to do now and that is what we're trying to fix >> a recent survey of south bay businesses found that travelers mostly want nonstop flights to n.y., chicago washington d.c. and boston. internationally, london
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frankfurt and tokyo top the list. passenger linda says she is not convinced the new effort will make a difference. as a good thing. >> easy to get in and out, close to where i live, all the crowds in san francisco >> of the san jose airport recently had its bond rating downgraded as a result of weak traffic which means it costs them more to borrow money and the increase in traffic would help with overall airport finances. >> it looks like school lunches in the north bay are slowing down. no more fast-food meals, instead, focusing on efficiency. cafeteria workers are becoming more concerned with quality. mike sherman with a healthy
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ways they are spicing up lunch lines. >> this is not top chef. there's no prize except maybe to help solve the obesity crisis >> we're helping to liberate coaxed to cook fresh food for california children. >> kids like pizza and burritos so the idea is to make some of that better and taste better. cafeteria staff from san rafael and nevada school districts have been meeting with special grant money out to use fresh ingredients instead of package were frozen food along with special ethnic meals and more than just cooking it >> it is not just here is a carrot and eat it, if there is a grumpy lunch lady will not want to go get lunch. this is why staff training is so important
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>> to help tested out, the food director brought her 17 year-old daughter dana who like the chicken gumbo, pizza and sweet potatoes. but not the black eye piece >> i just didn't like the taste. >> fat and sugar are addictive so it is a process. in one afternoon you will not have been completely transformed their eating habits >> politics will have to change along with it the menu in order to succeed. fast food and greasy food remain on the menu but if the same kinds of food can be served with of your ingredients and they will eat it, it is seen as a step forward. >> some places in the bay area are able to view the full moon tonight. we will talk about the fog
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moving in and how it will impact
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>> eye candy as carry their momentum into august? we will find out but let's go to the giants. hunter pants era is under way. he was in right field. the first home run of the year for ruben perata. underpants' got a standing ovation that is first at bat but finished the night 0-4. the giants remained one game up on the dodgers. campeau wins the and the a's lose back-to-back games for the first time since the end of june. >> tintin i love about this clubhouse is we don't care. so what that we lost two in a
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row. we will take it to the next game. we're fine. >> nate schierholz went over in the deal 400 pence. he hit a homerun in the fifth inning to give the phillies the lead and that ended up being the difference. they beat the nationals 3-2. nate felt like he needed a little bit more playing time that he would not get in san francisco and he is ,,,,
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>> 67 degrees in san francisco today which is typical. 94 degrees in livermore which is above the average of 88 degrees. out towards the transamerica
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building, you can barely see the top of it because of low clouds and fog. 69 in livermore. cool and overcast in santa rosa with 50 degrees. this is interesting, the clouds at lunchtime are still shrouding the golden gate bridge, barely backing off in the afternoon and then filling back again. only some partial clearing at best on thursday. lots of monsoon moisture due east of the bay area but we will hang with one more day of high temperatures above normal. we have a full moon. 50-50 degrees for the overnight lows. '50s and '60s at the beaches.
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82 degrees in redwood city and palo alto. 94 in pittsburgh, warmer than that in brentwood. pleasanton will top out at 96 degrees. no clearing to the north at stinson beach. 68 in san francisco. the extended forecast calls for cooler conditions on friday and slightly above average, below average temperatures over the weekend. >> we will lead with sports
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tomorrow night at 10:00. >> that does it for
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